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San Juan Mountain Safari


Go Explore. Experience. Discover.

In the mountains, we find beauty, simplicity, stillness, a sense of purpose and adventure. Our imagination has a freedom there and nature sings in a rhythm that reminds us of who we are, what matters, and what doesn’t. If we allow it, the mountains gift us humility through interaction with the extraordinary. These wild spaces we know as the San Juan Mountains call us to be present, remembering that in the end, these are the moments and experiences that matter most.

What is a Jeep Safari?

In simple terms, it’s an adventure designed by you. Each one of us naturally interprets our mountain experiences differently. But there is something we do have in common…the desire to linger much longer in this mountain landscape we love. Perhaps we wish to examine more closely the iconic mining structures of the past, or to capture the ethereal and haunting beauty of the distant mountain horizons, or just maybe our hearts long to discover secret groves of wildflowers and waterfalls. It is your own unique interpretation of what nature means to you that makes our San Juan Jeep Safaris so special. Instead of an itinerary, choose an experience. Do you want to explore 19th century cabins and examine vintage mining relics? What about photographing hidden groves of Pink Elephants, Mountain Aster and lavender tinted Columbine framing clear mountain ponds?  Are you a rock hound? Investigate vintage mine tailings for different shades of pyrite, sparkling cuts of quartz crystal and other indigenous minerals.

No two Ouray Jeep Safaris are the same as your group chooses the experience. Small groups (1-5) will be accommodated in specially modified Jeep Rubicons. Groups of (6 – 12) may be accommodated together with advance reservations in a larger vehicle. Please arrive 20-25 minutes early to meet your guide and plan your adventure. Expect a 4-5 hour participatory experience with moderate walking/hiking required for some locations.

$399.00 includes up to 4 guests. Additional guests $63.00 per person.


“The unknown outcome of journeys into mountain landscapes are a canvas for inspiration.”

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