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Current Trails Conditions as of July 27th, 2017

 Monsoons have brought much needed rain to the area. Expect afternoon rain showers (sometimes heavy) through the rest of July with potential flash flooding. The wildflowers are in bloom on Yankee Boy Basin, Corkscrew, Imogene and other trails below 11,000 feet.  With continued chances of rain this week, we would like to remind you to use caution as some of the trails may become slippery and muddy. Some snow banks may still exist across Corkscrew, Cinnamon, Engineer, Hurricane Pass, California Gulch, and Imogene. NEWS: Black Bear Pass and Poughkeepsie are now open to motorized traffic.

See below for the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Ouray Jeep trails and openings.

Note: Some trails are linked back to their tour pages for additional details. Click here to see a map of Jeep Trails.


YANKEE BOY BASIN Easy to Moderate. Some sections past the Governor Basin intersection have become difficult.

IMOGENE – Moderate to Difficult.  Conditions still may be icy in the early mornings and slushy throughout the day in some areas. Tall snow banks still exist near the top of the pass towards Telluride.

BLACK BEAR – Difficult to Extreme. Newly opened. Expect icy conditions in the morning over the summit.

OPHIREasy to Moderate. 

LAST DOLLAR – Easy to Moderate (only in rainy conditions).  Note: This trail can become difficult in a heavy rainstorm.

CORKSCREW – Moderate to Difficult. 

ANIMAS FORKS – Easy to Moderate. 

ALPINE  LOOP – Moderate. 

ENGINEER PASS  Moderate to Extreme.



BROWN MOUNTAIN GULCH- Moderate.  Conditions may still be icy and muddy in the shaded areas with a heavily eroded stretch just below the summit due to water run off.


PLACER/PICAYUNE – Moderate. Expect icy and snow in some areas.

HURRICANE –  Moderate to Difficult. Rain has created some slippery mud stretches across the top bordering on difficult.

CALIFORNIA –  Moderate.

STONY – Moderate to difficult. Watch for flash flooding at Pole Creek.

SKYLINE- Moderate.

POUGHKEEPSIEDifficult to Extreme. Lockers, winch and high clearance required. USFS opened the gate on Engineer just a few days ago.



GOVERNOR BASIN – A snow bank still exists across the road towards the top of the basin. Trail is open to second switchback. If you make it to the snow bank, you will not be able to turn around and will have to back up for several hundred yards.

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Our information comes from being up on the trails ourselves or updates from those that have been on particular trails in their own vehicles. So, as with any high mountain terrain, be CAUTIOUS! If you start up a trail and you are uncertain, don’t go any farther. The adventure lies in exploring the beautiful scenery and not necessarily the destination. Take water, layers of warm clothing, and maps. And allow plenty of time.


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