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Trails Conditions July 19th, 2018

Monsoons have arrived! Rain in the late afternoon and early evenings has been a refreshing change. Flowers are happy and dust is minimal on the trails. Wildflowers may be at peak, but sustained with new moisture.

All Forest, County and BLM lands in our area remain in Stage II Fire Restrictions. This means NO open flames (including cigarettes) are allowed. If everyone will be ambassadors for the fire restrictions currently in place, we are going to have a safe and beautiful summer! As fire restrictions change, we will post here.

See below for updates to Ouray Jeep trails:

Some trails are linked back to their tour pages for additional details. Click here to see a map of Jeep Trails.

  • Uncompaghre and Gunnison Forest Trails Include:
  1. Yankee Boy Basin – OPEN
  2. Governor Basin – OPEN      Wildflowers are incredible!
  3. Imogene -OPEN to Telluride
  4. Owl Creek – OPEN
  5. Engineer – OPEN
  6. Cinnamon Pass – OPEN
  7. Last Dollar – OPEN
  8. Corkscrew – OPEN
  9. Brown Mountain Gulch – OPEN
  10. Hurricane to California – OPEN
  • OPEN San Miguel (Uncompaghre) Forest Trails Include:
  1. Imogene – OPEN to Telluride
  2. Last Dollar Pass – OPEN from both sides
  3. Fall Creek – OPEN
  • OPEN San Juan Forest Trails 
  1. Ophir- OPEN
  2. Kendall Mountain – OPEN
  3. Lime Creek – OPEN
  4. South Mineral Springs and Clear Lake – OPEN
  5. Black Bear- OPEN
  6. Stony Pass- OPEN

Please visit our Facebook Page for current trail pictures and updates.

Our information comes from being up on the trails ourselves or updates from those that have been on particular trails in their own vehicles. So, as with any high mountain terrain, be CAUTIOUS! If you start up a trail and you are uncertain, don’t go any farther. The adventure lies in exploring the beautiful scenery and not just the destination. Take water, layers of warm clothing, and maps.  Allow plenty of time.


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