Trail Maps & Conditions

Trails Conditions Updated as of June 1st, 2020

Trail Conditions

Ouray County, Hinsdale and San Juan have been knocking these trails out. After all the craziness this spring, it's exciting to say trail openings are AHEAD of schedule! In fact, the ALPINE LOOP is fully open from Animas. 

Our sources tell us that Telluride (San Miguel) is starting Ophir on June 1. Finally! The trail should go pretty quick over the top. They generally move equipment to Imogene thereafter. 

Temperatures have been beautiful and we have seen some rain in Ouray with more expected today. Rivers are running, waterfalls can heard across the canyon.

Although healthy space is being encouraged and revised operations are required for some businesses, we are still excited to enjoy the mountains and the surrounding communities at a little slower and more cautious pace this year!     #newbeginnings2020

Like you, we love to pull that lever down to 4LOW, put the top down and crawl up some of the most beautiful locations in the country. So, stay tuned for trail updates as we get them.

Oh...and one more thing...Please Tread Lightly.


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Uncompaghre Forest Trails (Ouray)

  • Yankee Boy Basin

    OPEN! Ouray County knocked this trail out in a day! Gate is open and trail is cleared to Twin Falls.

  • Governor Basin

    Melted out towards the 1st switchback. Mother Nature will have to take of this one.

  • Imogene

    Ouray may have equipment on this trail by the second week of June.

  • Owl Creek

    OPEN.  Gate is apparently been opened by the USFS.

  • Mineral Creek to Engineer Pass

    Ouray County is on it! Cleared almost to the top. Warm and sunny temperatures are giving them a boost.

  • Corkscrew Gulch

    OPEN! Sketchy as usual for the season up and over the switchbacks. You can now reach Gladstone and back down to Silverton.

  • Brown Mountain Gulch


  • Red Mountain Town Loop


San Miguel Forest Trails (Telluride)

  • Imogene (Telluride Side)

  • Last Dollar Pass

    This trail is very nearly dried out. If there is any snow left, it will be at the very top.

  • Fall Creek

    OPEN for several miles. This trail actually circles all the way around to Dunton. Still patchy in higher elevations.

  • Ophir (Telluride Side)

    San Miguel is supposed to be tackling this trail now. 4 days ago we encountered a snow bank and a skier at the top.  But, it looked like the last stretch of snow.

  • AMES Road

    OPEN from Ophir crossing to Hwy 145 exit.

  • Alta Lakes

San Juan Forest Trails (Silverton)

  • Engineer

    Engineer is OPEN out of Animas to Oh Point and down into Lake City.

  • Ophir

    OPEN for several miles from the Silverton side. Not completely cleared over the top.

  • Kendall Mountain

  • Lime Creek

  • South Mineral Springs & Clear Lake

    South Mineral is clear to the campgrounds. Clear Lake usually melts out on it's own. Reports suggest you can make it to the Ice Lake trailhead before snow.

  • Black Bear

  • Stony Pass

    In Progress

  • Cunningham Gulch

    In Progress. Clear to at least the Old One Hundred Mine Site.

  • Hurricane Pass and California Gulch

    Hurricane OPEN up to California and down into Animas. Decent snowbanks still present on much of these trails.

  • Maggie and Minnie Gulch

    Partially. In progress.

  • Cinnamon Pass

    OPEN all the way over to Lake City. 

  • Animas Forks Townsite

    San Juan County has cleared to the townsite. See FB for some pretty cool pictures! Silverton working down Califorina to OPEN a full loop soon.

Our information comes from being up on the trails ourselves or updates from County/USFS sources, and those that have been on particular trails in their own vehicles. So, as with any high mountain terrain, be CAUTIOUS! If you start up a trail and you are uncertain, don’t go any farther.

Remember, the adventure lies in exploring the beautiful scenery and seeing what's around the next corner... not just a destination. Take water, layers of warm clothing, and maps. Allow plenty of time.

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