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Trail Maps & Conditions

Trails Conditions Updated as of August 16th

Trail Conditions

Animas has recently opened fully from Silverton to Animas! However, the path through the avalanche is very narrow and visibility is limited to oncoming traffic.

The landscape remains spectacular...from patches of snow that are framed in deep green mountain flora to roaring waterfalls, and the amazing color of summer wildflowers scattered across the landscape. Predictable afternoon showers are producing the bluest morning skies.

Wildflowers are blooming and are just reaching peak in some areas. Columbine are prolific on Yankee Boy and the higher rocky elevations of several trails.

As a reminder for our out of state visitors...it is UNLAWFUL to get off trail. This means you can get a ticket for just parking on tundra and most certainly for driving any vehicle off trail! Tread lightly.

August has continued to be a fantastic month to be in the area. Hope you can make it!

More FAQS:

The higher elevations of the San Juan Mountain range received nearly 600% above normal snow accumulation over the last winter and spring season.  Combined with warmer winter temperatures and incredible snow depth, there have been avalanche runs not seen in the last century.  The landscape has definitely changed on several of the trails.

This week has been fairly wet with consistent afternoon showers. The next few days looks dry and sunny with temperatures in the low 80's. 

To help you plan, we’ve outlined what is currently available and what we predict based on County progress. Don't let the idea of not getting over the summits deter you from enjoying the lower elevation beauty!

In summary, the only trails still not fully passable are Black Bear, Picayune, Placer, Poughkeepsie and Skyline. 

For Clarification: Animas to Silverton remains CLOSED. The only way to currently reach Animas townsite is over Corkscrew to Hurricane, or up Gladstone to Hurricane/California.




Uncompaghre Forest Trails (Ouray)

  • Yankee Boy Basin

    OPEN to Sneffels trailhead. 

    This trail past the Governor Basin/Yankee Boy Basin is NOT for AWD or 2WD vehicles. STOP and park below this intersection! Folks parking along the narrow S Curve are causing dangerous and nearly impassable conditions.

    Columbine and Paint are blooming!

  • Governor Basin

    Getting close!  Open all the way to the basin curve.

  • Imogene

    OPEN all the way over.  There are a few very rugged and rocky spots crossing the creek and climbing the draw above upper Camp Bird. This trail may be rougher than usual.

  • Owl Creek

    This trail is now OPEN.

  • Engineer Pass

    Engineer is now OPEN from the Mineral Creek side to the summit and over. 

    Engineer is also OPEN from Animas Forks to the summit and down into Lake City. Keep in mind that Animas Forks is only accessible from Gladstone and Corkscrew at this time.

  • Last Dollar

    OPEN from both sides over the summit

  • Corkscrew Gulch

    This trail is now fully OPEN. 


  • Brown Mountain Gulch

    Passable to just below the pond. A huge swath of trees is lying across the trail.

  • Hurricane to California

    OPEN and cleared from Gladstone to the top of Hurricane and down California into Animas.

San Miguel Forest Trails (Telluride)

  • Imogene (Telluride Side)

    OPEN and fully passable. Traffic is considerable because of excitement over it's opening. Be patient and considerate.

  • Last Dollar Pass

    OPEN  from both sides and over the summit. The wildflowers are INCREDIBLE!

  • Fall Creek

    This is an enchanting day long trip out of Placerville into the wild. You could end up in Dunton Hotsprings later in the summer. Look it up! Good fishing along the way. Worth taking the road out of Sawpit to Woods Canyon Lake.

  • Ophir (Telluride Side)


    Be patient and cautious as you will still be traveling through single lane portions of the trail at times. 

  • AMES Road

    OPEN from 145 below Last Dollar to Ophir turn off. A gorgeous byway running adjacent to the San Miguel River. Get a glimpse of the very first Tesla AC generating electric plant in the country! This is a nice way to stay off the highway by crossing the road at Ophir and coming out just below Last Dollar.

  • Alta Lakes

    Make a right onto 145 from the Ophir exit and look for the Alta turn off on the right between mile marker 66-67. This trail goes back into the ghost town of Alta and several beautiful mountain lakes. Lots of wildlife and a great place for a picnic lunch.

San Juan Forest Trails (Silverton)

  • Ophir

    OPEN all the way over.  

  • Kendall Mountain


  • Lime Creek

    This is out of our area, but such a great trail just above Purgatory. 

  • South Mineral Springs & Clear Lake

    OPEN to the campgrounds and to Clear Lake. Have you ever seen the views from Clear Lake trail. Take it just to get out your camera!

  • Black Bear

    There is hope! San Miguel (Telluride) reports that they have moved equipment to the trail and that it may be fully open as soon as the middle of next week.

  • Stony Pass

    An awesome and ‘must-do’ all-day trail that goes clear into Creede. (Plan an overnight trip) The trail is currently open out of Silverton over the summit through Pole Creek and into Creede. Pole Creek is still fairly deep, so proceed with caution.

  • Cunningham Gulch

    OPEN all the way. This trail is also the access to the Stony Pass trailhead.

  • California Gulch

    California Gulch is OPEN into Animas. There are narrow passages on parts of the trail. Go slowly!

  • Maggie and Minnie Gulch


  • Cinnamon Pass

    Cinnamon is now OPEN!

  • Animas Forks Townsite

    Animas Forks is NOW reachable from Silverton. The  path through the avalanche is very narrow and only suitable for single lane traffic. Be cautious and patient when entering the narrow lane.

Our information comes from being up on the trails ourselves or updates from those that have been on particular trails in their own vehicles. So, as with any high mountain terrain, be CAUTIOUS! If you start up a trail and you are uncertain, don’t go any farther.

Remember, the adventure lies in exploring the beautiful scenery and seeing what's around the next corner... not just a destination. Take water, layers of warm clothing, and maps. Allow plenty of time.

Jeep Trail Maps

See where our Jeep Tours go, or plan your route with your Jeep rental (except Black Bear Pass).  Click on a trail map to the right for specific tour details, and it will take you directly to that tour for a full description and booking information. 

4×4 Jeep Trail maps are available in our office.

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